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E-Textiles and Owls

Before this project, all I knew was that LEDs were these: LED-lights-health-hazard

After attempting to put together an E-textile, I realized there are many other forms.  In my case, I used sewable LEDs in order to thread conductive thread through fabric so I could make a circuit.  Here is what the sewable LEDs look like:


While trying to make a complete circuit, I had to be very careful to not short the circuit. Using the Lily Tiny, I added a pattern to the flashing lights. At first, I didn’t have a Lily Tiny in my circuit and it all looked fine, but I thought I should try to add a little to my textile. So here it is, my final project:

7ce5ecca-9dc7-489f-9ac5-27797e5110a6Obviously, my threads aren’t pretty. Some stitches are loose and some are just all knotted up. I noticed this in the process of sewing, and I decided to keep going, but I’m upset because I really wanted it to look neat. Next time I also wouldn’t use white fabric, and I would want to make something more useful…or artistic.


Throughout this E-textile experience, I faced a lot of frustration and a lot of feeling of accomplishment. I definitely want to explore these more as I figure out what I’m doing for my final project.


Doesn’t it kind of look like an owl?

3D Printing!!

This past week we explored 3-D printing. I had to find something I wanted to print and print it. After going back and forth about what I wanted to make…and finding something worth making…I finally found something I really wanted to make. A really loud whistle. I searched and searched and decided to print one that was already created. This is what it looks like. 3d_printed_whistle_Make_it_loud

After reading the comments, I found that the version I downloaded was not the ideal way to print. Mrs. Barker and I adjusted the width and fill of some things.


When the green whistle printed…I was so happy. I went around school blowing it as loud as I can, and it was so loud!!


All in all, I love the 3D printer.

MaKey MaKey Exploration

Well, what is a MaKey MaKey? According to MIT Media Lab, it’s “an invention kit for the 21st century. Turn everyday objects into touchpads and combine them with the internet.” Basically, it’s just a keyboard.


I’d never seen one of these, let alone work with any keyboard besides a MacBook or Dell desktop/laptop…so I guess you could say I was a little intimidated. Stephanie and I worked together to just try and figure out how the MaKey MaKey works.

It started out looking like this …IMG_2424

As we began to look things up online, though, we found something we really liked: a small piano designed for the MaKey MaKey. We played with this for a while simply holding the wires in our hands. We realized it was quite difficult (almost impossible) for us to play a solo song without being able to hold all of the wires in one hand. After discovering this, we decided to take another step.

IMG_2426 We ripped some tin foil and ordered each wire according to the sound it was associated with. “Mary Had A Little Lamb” was our greatest success. As we played again and again…and again, more and more people showed up to try it for themselves. It was very rewarding to see what kind of this draws people to a product!


Below is a video of Stephanie playing “Mary Had A Little Lamb” as soon as she mastered it.

Wedo Chain Reaction

After snow days, the weekend…and Chop Chop Bob, it’s a little hard to remember what I was thinking during the WeDo Chain Reaction process. I do remember being frustrated because Stephanie and I had a hard time consistently setting off the motion sensor. Jed, Jack, Stephanie and I worked together for the most part. Jed and Jack were working next to us, and we spent a lot of time in trial and error with them. Our finished product looked a little like a windmill. We had dominos to set off our device, and the windmill was to set off our motion sensor. Our design was definitely not as stable as some of the others. The best designs were the ones that had little room for error. We ended up getting the entire reaction to be successful, but the process was quite the journey.

I don’t quite know what to write.

To those reading this: I don’t quite know what to write. I’m looking forward to learning some things I don’t know. I love art, and I know close to nothing about making/building/inventing anything electronic…so that will be interesting. So, I hope this is enough to write!


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